‘My biggest dream all this time was to create a brand people will love and adore. A name people should respect and admire. A completely new thing for them. I believe it has been achieved.’ Mr Riffath, CEO

RIFFATH [ˈrɪf(f)ʌt] is the first and the biggest luxurious fashion brand in the Maldives, called RIFFATH after the founder and presently CEO, Mr Riffath. The fashion mega brand was first officially established in year 2008 and is, in today’s shape, the biggest and the only such fashion house in the country, with sales of apparel produced exclusively in the Maldives.

The fashion brand is represented by a monogram logo. The calligraphic initial ‘R’ designed by RIFFATH has been officially registered and became the symbol and visual trademark of the brand. The company registered rights for both the unique logo and the name on 30th October 2008.

The name RIFFATH is known in the Maldives as a trademark of the widest selection of wedding gowns and extravagant eveningwear. It is also the name famous for most exquisite and valuable dresses. RIFFATH designs vary in sizes and shapes offering a wide price range flexible for clients’ budgets.

The company is a group of several independent departments; all located together under one roof and united in their policies and philosophy. The different departments of which RIFFATH is built are:

RIFFATH Clothing,


RIFFATH Photography,

RIFFATH Decorations.

The name of each unit of the company indicates its specific field of expertise.

RIFFATH Clothing is the biggest and the first of the departments of the company. This department is responsible for apparel design, production and sales. Both haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing is produced at RIFFATH Workshop and displayed and sold at RIFFATH, the first fashion designer’s shop in the Maldives. All clothing is produced from highest quality textile handpicked and selected all around the world. RIFFATH Clothing prepares pret-a-porte lines sold exclusively at RIFFATH Shop as well as projects ‘on order’ which sometimes take several months to complete. RIFFATH Clothing represents the roots of the company and is where it all started. The exclusive RIFFATH Shop offers a wide range of bridal wear, evening gowns, party dresses, suits and shirts. The shop has a piece for everyone: men, women and kids; and to suit any body type. It is the main goal of the company to create clothing for all fashion lovers who enjoy being trendy and looking modern. RIFFATH Clothing makes fashion for every taste look fresh and ‘in’. For more information contact RIFFATH hotline: +9607754011.

RIFFATH Salon is for Men, Women and Kids. It is the first high fashion salon in the Maldives catering to clients with high demands and top of the shelf beauty needs. RIFFATH Salon offers a wide range of services in beauty, hair and makeup using world top brands products and cosmetics. This department of the company has first been created to cater exclusively to all bridal needs RIFFATH brides might have however soon after launching RIFFATH Salon gained interest and popularity and opened its doors to a wider range of services and products for high-end walk-in clientele. For detailed information contact RIFFATH Salon hotline: +9607754011.

RIFFATH Photography is a department of the company offering all photography related services. From indoor photo-shoots in our state-of-the-art photo studio to event photography and outdoor photo sessions. RIFFATH Photography makes the moments other departments create last forever. The modern approach of our studio shoots combines the mastery of photography with creation of a unique backdrop for each bridal studio shoot. Although RIFFATH Photography is most famous for high fashion and bridal photo sessions, it also offers baby photography, event coverage, professional model portfolio development and outdoor photography. The brand is determined to open to all market needs and so are the RIFFATH Photography packages tailored to accommodate different clients and to meet everyone’s expectations with offers of unlimited packages. For more information contact RIFFATH hotline: +9607754011.

RIFFATH Decorations is the youngest and fastest developing department of the company. The modern approach to wedding decorations and event planning has lead RIFFATH Decorations to the leading role in the Maldivian wedding scene. Backdrops created by RIFFATH Decorations are classy and stylish using high quality props and material to acquire a calming and sophisticated atmosphere. RIFFATH Decorations always produce a masterpiece for the particular theme using lights, flowers, and crystal and creating the perfect wedding venues. From backdrops, walkways and centerpieces to mood creation and theme establishment all on offer at RIFFATH Decorations. For more information contact RIFFATH Hotline at +9607754011.

RIFFATH with all its departments and fields of expertise creates the unique experience of ‘all wedding needs under one roof’ all united and following the highest standard of excellence working towards one ultimate goal- a perfect wedding. Every time.

How it all began…

RIFFATH as a brand has become a synonym of modernism and style. Its trademarks are classy and extravagant creations. RIFFATH’s reputation was built on the backs of bride glamour-girls. The imaginative designs created a strong pattern in couture dresses, which made the brand an icon of luxury and sophisticated elegance. With the unique vision and extreme creativity, RIFFATH brought fashion design into another level creating a trademark of modernism and luxury.

About the owner and CEO, Mr Riffath…

Born in Male’, Maldives on the eight of February, Mr Riffath’s interest in fashion industry evoked quickly. Only after graduating from high school he discovered that fashion industry is what he wanted to explore. Not knowing anything about the complex world of fashion, Mr Riffath began to search for his place in the industry. Having experienced different branches of fashion, he soon realized that creating and production was what interested him the most. Having experienced ‘home fashion’, taking pictures of his three beautiful sisters and making them look even more beautiful he began his journey to creating the fashion empire. Being surrounded by fashionable people and influencing their styles Mr Riffath’s gift of fashion grew from home to family members, friends and quite significantly spread around.

Mr Riffath trained and utilized his talents in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Australia where he studied fashion design. The Australian fashion college opened his eyes to design and the world of fashion. Rich in knowledge and experience, having worked with top designers and fashion people, studying in different cultural backgrounds Mr Riffath rejected an offer to work in the supreme fashion city, London and decided to return to Male’ to plant and grow real fashion in his hometown.

Having studied fashion and about the fashion world for several years his goal became to plant the seed of fashion in the Maldives and grow it into a huge tree. Mr Riffath’s talent was immediately noticed and recognized in the Maldives and the result of having brought real fashion to his country was remarkable. His idea was not only to tell people about fashion but Mr Riffath planned to change the mentality of Maldivians offering them real ‘homemade’ product. As a pioneer of fashion design in the Maldives Mr Riffath became an eye opener for many and an icon and role-model for others.

Mr Riffath decided to start from home and establish his brand name in his home country first. It was not an easy task to introduce so many innovations at once in a place where hardly anyone knew the difference between a tailor and a fashion designer but Mr Riffath took the challenge and became a trendsetter in the Maldives. He believes that his biggest achievement was to open people’s eyes and wake them up. It was difficult to keep surprising people but through the successful brand RIFFATH he managed to create a strong sense of fashion especially among young people. He succeeded to establish a name of a trendsetter in his country.

Mr Riffath has always loved fashion and looking good was always an important part of his life. The special appeal to fashion started as early as he can only remember. Already as a child Mr Riffath liked to dress up and see people around looking good. It was not only clothes what fascinated Mr Riffath but accessories as well: shoes, boots, belts, sunglasses were of special interest. He had a real passion to make everyone look stunning and gorgeous. And everyone believed that behind all of it there was a guy who really understood them. Mr Riffath has always had a clear idea of fashion and knows what fashion means to everyone.

Most of all Mr Riffath adores colours, he plays with them, creates new shades and combinations. He puts the modern look, being fresh above anything else. Most of RIFFATH’s inspirations come from the nature and the world around. The artistic visions in RIFFATH creations are dictated by blossoming flowers, amazing birds, shining fish and mysterious nature. RIFFATH has a gift to give material the life of all the beautiful things around; the couture depicts all the treasures of our world.

Mr Riffath encourages not to ‘freak out’ whenever you see something new today, as who knows, maybe tomorrow it will be the new fashion and you will find yourself wearing it.

The CEO emphasizes: “Don’t lose glamour in the name of comfort”, being beautiful is not easy and it is not a matter of coincidence.

Mr Riffath strongly believes that being pretty is a 24-hour job and one has to be very determined to do it. “You need strength and courage to always look beautiful”. Riffath himself likes to experiment with new looks and he does always succeed looking fresh and ‘in’.

About RIFFATH, the first and the biggest fashion brand in the Maldives…

RIFFATH means style. RIFFATH with the strong sense of style does not only make dresses fit for clients but we encourage all customers to work to fit our designs. There is something fabulous about the energy of RIFFATH what makes everyone want to work even harder than usual to fit the dreamed design. Everyone believes that the brand established a perfect understanding of a woman’s body and knows how to bring out every girl’s inner beauty. “Your body is a hanger and to display nice clothes keep it fit and curvy. I love curves”. Mr Riffath, CEO

As a trendsetter-brand RIFFATH has a clear concept of what a man and a woman should look like.

RIFFATH men are stylish, strong and powerful; they are not boys to play with- they are real men.

RIFFATH women, on the other hand, are feminine and sensual; however they are not toys in men’s hands, RIFFATH women are independent and very confident.

All designs are truly dictated by the owners taste and sense of fashion “I’m most of all true to myself”. One of the best examples of RIFFATH’s strong fashion sense is the length of dresses: “I like very short and very long dresses, nothing in between” and therefore you will not find a single dress by RIFFATH breaking this rule.

RIFFATH style can be described as pure, fresh and sexy. RIFFATH introduces modern ideas and modernizes already existing clichés of wedding and evening gowns. The designs are always one step ahead of the other; it is a real look into the future. RIFFATH doesn’t do things quietly, once a project starts- the brand rocks it!

RIFFATH is certainly THE brand to look at.


A Perfect Wedding by RIFFATH… www.riffath.com

This unique collection of beautiful wedding gowns features many different designing patterns. This set of extravagant, extraordinary and romantic dresses is going to lead you far beyond expectations. The experience of real wedding shots will simply make you forget about all other collections.

The idea was born from a simple need to show to the public what the magical wedding fashion design is. In this marvellous collection we present much more than perfectly matched wedding gowns. We show the real couture and lead your way through the backstage of wedding fashion design.

We believe that over past few years fashion has become a significant part of a Maldivian woman’s life. It is therefore only a natural need to experience magnificent designs stitched for these stunning Maldivian women. Dreams of our clients about the perfect wedding and magnificent wedding dresses inspire us the most. And from these inspirations we create the most stunning and breathtaking gowns.

The dresses presented here are not only beautiful gowns for special occasion; each is a real couture masterpiece, one of a kind. This collection was created to guide you through selection of your wedding gown and to give professional assistance in further planning and designing. Therefore, each dress is presented with details of workouts, material, time spent to create and finalize the project and price range to give you a brief idea of how to prepare for your perfect wedding day. We believe that satisfaction of our customers is the foundation of our achievements and we can proudly admit that this challenge is one of our successes. Each wedding couple is treated with greatest appreciation and receives a very personal service.

We have selected the most breathtaking gowns to present on this website. All of our dresses are feminine, elegant, sexy and charming. In every creation we combine the art of design and tailoring with detailed handmade decorations. This collection features different ideas of wedding gowns, varying in strong colours and cuts.

We cross the boundaries and present dresses in wild and extravagant colours. We do not hesitate to create a hot pink or bright orange wedding which places us as a pioneer in breaking the routine of bridal colours. Not only have we introduced and popularized amazing rainbow of colours into Maldivian weddings but RIFFATH has significantly changed the meaning of a wedding dress adding trains and unbelievable floor sweep length.

We have taken wedding fashion design into another level creating a new generation of wedding gowns. Dresses shown in this set are not just wedding dresses, they are perfect wedding dresses.

Over past few years RIFFATH has created a recognizable pattern for wedding dresses. Our gowns are unique and can easily be distinguished among others. We are all about extravagant colours, amazing frills, ruffles and beads with long trains which all have become a trademark of RIFFATH.

Every woman is a princess and deserves a unique and stunning wedding dress. To get married is said to be the most important moment of every girl’s life and we fulfill the dream making each of them feel and look like a real princess. We have not only learnt to read our clients’ dreams but enrich each of them on a special designer’s inspiration for every particular girl. All the ideas are precisely put together into a masterpiece and every time create another perfect wedding.


‘All it takes to be great is talent, ideas and a lot of determination to push forward against all the odds.

Greatness starts in the most unexpected places: RIFFATH.’ Mr Riffath, CEO